Making me happy this week.

This month has been a crazy turn of events, and so many things have happened that have made me grateful and happy so I wanted to note some of them down before I forget.

1. Having my sister come and stay – a perfect weekend of giggles, brunching, exploring and girly chats.

2. Taking a middle of the day break from uni work to walk up to the seafront, and eat lunch watching the waves. Sometimes it’s nice to give yourself space to just be. It was sunny too.

3. Being busy. It’s my favourite way to be.

4. Finding out that I got accepted onto my study abroad program, and telling my favourite that I will be joining him in the USA for a semester. It’s so exciting (and a little scary) to know that in a month time I will be living in America in the mountains. Feeling ready for an adventure.

5. Underwater filming: one of my course friends hired out the local pool for a shoot, in which we had free reign of the water slides, swimming pools and hot tub. Was a lot of fun.

6. Knowing that December will be a month of seeing people I miss – particularly my favourite boy after 4 months away and also A, our favourite American, by the time she gets here, it will have been 4 and a half years since I saw her last. Crazy!

7. Feeling more confident in things.

8. Making stuffed peppers for the first time. So yummy!

9. Seeing lots of sunsets.

10. Having a visit from a family friend, and catching up over tea.

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