Making me happy this week.

Every so often, I look at this blog and feel bad for how unloved it is, and how I should probably use it more. But to be quite honest, I’m not a writer or a blogger, and it’s not really my forte. Plus, the only sporadic reader I have is my sister, (hey Lu!) – so I guess this space is just gonna be used as a place to make little time capsules of the little things that I am grateful for on the day I write anything on here. Maybe it will start up again as the months go, as an exciting adventure is in the works, but who knows?

So for the happy list?

1. Tomato and Avocado on toast – with a dash of cornish sea salt and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The best! So tasty, so quick to make and now I don’t want to eat any other foods.

2. Getting out of my comfort zone and it paying off. I spent last weekend out on the depths of dartmoor with my university’s climbing club, hiking, camping and of course climbing, made some lovely new friends, and tried slacklining. It was such a beautiful place, too.

3. Receiving post! Still never gets old.

4. Settling back into uni, going to workshops and realizing once again how cool it is to be studying something that I love so much.

5. Rainstorms and early mornings. Waking up early has become a habit, and as autumn has arrived, the dark stormy mornings have made me feel extra cozy knowing that I have another hour or two in bed.

6. Going on a late night adventure to attempt to see the Supermoon with one of my housemates! And finding out that it wasn’t a supermoon in this area of the world.

7. Giggly skypes with my favourite. It’s now been 2 months since we last saw each other so we’re halfway through. It’s so nice to hear all his stories and get to see each other now that we have consistent internet.

8. Showing my ‘September’ video on the Tv in the house with all my housemates watching, it was a cool way to show them it. Thanks J for the idea!

9. New music – the feel good kind that you want to listen to over and over

10. Planning travels. And hoping everything comes together.

11. The fact that I’m meeting my family in Bristol this weekend. Yay for reunions!

One thought on “Making me happy this week.

  1. haha about the supermoon!
    i am reading 🙂
    and i loved our weekend reunion.
    and now i want avocado on toast.
    and you are a good writer! and a blogger, if sporadic 😉
    love ya xxx


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