Making me happy this week.

Photo by my wonderful sister Lulu 

1. This song:

2. being back in Plymouth – it feels like coming back to my second home.

3. The fact that my friends are visiting today! Haven’t had friends from me here before, so I’m so excited to show them round, go to the sea and catch up and have a good time.

4. The fact that I live opposite a park now. It’s like having a huge garden and it’s so pretty.

5. The prospect of a very life changing adventure happening next year. Can’t quite believe the turn of events the last few weeks but it’s one of those opportunities that makes me really grateful.

6. Skyping/facebook calls with my favourite. Living on separate continents isn’t too swell but speaking everyday makes it a lot easier. Also the fact that we are 1/4 of the way through until we see each other again. Bring on December.

7. Making tasty healthy yummy food. This week’s new recipe was Quinoa wraps and was so good!

8. Sending letters. There’s nothing like snail mail.

9. Our holiday last week, so many good memories, little adventures and family time.

10. Catching up with friends I haven’t seen since last term. And getting hysterical after five minutes of being back together.

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