Making me happy this week.

1. Summer evenings – so much more potential than the winter, a bike ride or a long walk have been our activities of choice recently.

2. Hanging out the washing, something I have always found comforting and not something that is usually possible at uni, but thanks to my favourite boy, I now do my washing for free at his, and it smells so good when it has been hanging outside in the breeze. 
3. Listening to old music: James Blunt and Busted have been our nostalgia of choice this week. 
4. Excitement for a trip home next week, and seeing the family which I cannot wait for! It’s been far too long and I have missed them all so much, can’t wait for sister catch ups and kitty cuddles. 
5. Pretty skies at night. Something that will never get old. 
6. Adventures that are yet to happen – also getting excited for all of Lulu’s upcoming travels. 
7. Wearing dresses without tights and dipping toes in the sea.
8. Feeling grateful for people coming into your life at the right time. And appreciative of the friendship shared.
9. Dodgems: a small part of the summer ball but definetely one of the main highlights.
10. Yummy healthy meals making us feel good. 

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