A little happy list!

1. Making Guacamole – this used to be a tradition when I lived in Italy and since summer weather has arrived, the time has come to make this delicious dip once again – so tasty and easy to make! All you need is some avocado, a tomato or two, some red onion, lemon or lime juice and a dash of salt – mix together for the yummiest dip of all the dips!

2. Sunny days: they have so much more potential than rainy ones, many days have been spent lazing about in parks, dipping our toes in the sparkling sea and exploring new places by bike.

3. Making the most of everyone still being around before they go home for summer next week. It will be strange when it’s empty here next week, with only four of us around!

4. Holding hands with the boy as we wander through town.

5. Waking up early. I’ve never been a morning person but recently my body has been waking me up at 8.30am which is nice rather than having to set an alarm to get up.

6. Little adventures – going to Cornwall for the day was fun, finding our way to beach by clambering over the dunes and trekking to a far away to find food on a Sunday night.

7. Girls nights with next year’s housemates, excited to live with them all next year, and for more funny movie nights and dinner parties.

8. The Summer Ball on Saturday – excited to dress up for a change and see everyone in suits and dresses!

9. Getting to know Plymouth like the back of my hand, lots of bike exploring is being done on bikes and on foot, finding little harbours and viewpoints that no one else knows about, and are always empty and so beautiful.

10. Cats! On our many walks, we have found lots of cats who seem friendly, I’ve been missing mine so it’s nice to have some feline company!

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