Making me happy this week.

Hello there,

I haven’t used this space in a very long time but decided to give the happy list another go, after reading a few different blogs with similar lists! It’s always good to appreciate what you’ve got right?
1. Falling asleep to the sound of rain. Living in the 2nd wettest city in the UK, rain is an hourly occurance and I’ve grown accustomed to listening to it, as it now helps me relax and drift off!
2. Going on long evening walks, the last one ended up being a 5 mile round trip cause we may have got a bit lost! 
3. Finishing first year! And getting a first in my final presentation as well as having a big turn out for the end of year exhibition, it’s so exciting/scary to be at the end of the year cause now I have four months of summer stretching ahead!

4. Getting into good books! Reading has taken a backseat in recent months so it has been nice to get back into it this week and spend many evenings with my head in a book.
5. Living without sugar during the week! If you know me, then you know that chocolate and I have a very close relationship that should never be messed with, but the past few weeks, I have decided to give it up on everyday but Sunday, and it actually feels really good to not eat it and then treat myself on the Sunday! 
6. Climbing! Last week, me and 2 friends started climbing, our uni offers free starter courses where they teach you all you need to know! It’s really good fun, and although I’ve climbed before, I’ve never felt quite so confident as I do now, I even managed to reach the top of one of the tallest walls in the south west, I love it, feel right in my element when I’m climbing! 

7. Making little videos of adventures that S and I go on, love that he’s so into video too 🙂 
8. Getting excited for the ball coming up at the end of May! 
9. Listening to really good music! 
10. My favourite boy! 
Kinda wanna do these more often, we shall see if I stick to that promise! 
What has made you happy this week? 
Love Ellie 

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