Thoughts in the middle of the night.

It’s one of those nights where I can’t sleep. It’s very late, I have an early start and my mind is buzzing for whatever reason.
Remedies I have tried:
-going for a run at 4am: definetely a moment of sleep deprived insanity but fun all the same – ran a mile at least!
-counting sheep
-having a nice warm shower 
-drinking milk 
But none seem to work, any fellow insomniacs – feel free to share tips in the comments! 
I have taken to reminiscing about how much has changed in the last year of my life, and how long it has been now since I moved back from Italy – nearly a year! It’s crazy how this life I used to live over there is now just memories and snapshots and faces and journal entries full of excitement of all these new experiences. 
I miss that life, the way we used to cycle everywhere and buy the special bread each morning, the funny games the kids and I would play in the park, the little mannerisms and traditions I had with the people I would meet on the street – the nuns at the school, the woman in the bakery, the mums in the school playground, the man in the bookshop, the way I used to wear flowers in my hair everyday, the friends I made who all came from different nations, the little parks on street corners, all these little details that I desperately try to hold on to wishing to go back in time and relive them.
I think I will always love the little Italian city I once called home.
Sorry for a rambly weird old post – that’s just how it is though!

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