Lately, I’ve been thinking about my time living in a little Italian city, if you’re new here, I spent 9 months (or so), working as an au pair in a small city in Northern Italy as part of my gap year.

Sometimes, on rainy days when there appears to be nothing to do and no one is up before 1, I find myself looking back at old photos and wishing I was back there. I thought I’d share a few with a bit of nostalgic rambling to go with it as well as some anecdotes of things that only happen in Italy/Cremona. Hope you don’t mind!
Something that always used to confuse me was the signs telling you that you were no longer in a place.
So, I know I’m not in Cremona, but where am I? Logical, right?
Horses in the park, one Sunday morning, the type of random activity that is unique to Cremona, along with
the promise of Water Polo flash mobs and pop-up Lego exhibitions.
One of the highlights of my stay was meeting a life-long friend in a bookshop who I miss so much but
until we can afford to see each other again, we will have to stick to skyping and letters!
The spiral staircase in my host family’s apartment, I loved it throughout the seasons, it was always so picturesque and pretty.
I miss making elaborate meals with my two american friends, incorporating foods that we all missed – the evening pictured above was mac ‘n’ cheese, homemade chicken nuggets and roasted veg – so good!
Looking out over the city on my penultimate morning.
Oh how I miss the Italian Gelato – but it never made sense that we ate it when the temperature was -9 outside.
My favourite tea shop, which was always our meeting place for catch ups and tea that I cannot find anywhere else – Blueberry Cherry.
Tisneria – our favourite bar where D + Me always got catcalled at for our funny accents. So happy that D lives in London now!
Seeing the Torazzo (the tower in the city) poking out above the buildings and using it as a guide to find my way around the city.
The sporadic antiques market which sold so many old cool cameras that I wish I had bought!
Finding contraptions such as a pringles vending machines and M trying to work them out.
The funny little things my kids used to do like kissing windows on the way home from school cause he could see his own reflection in it. Think we might have a future heart-breaker on our hands now.
River trips and having fun with C. I do miss those friends of mine!
Ellie x

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