Stormy skies.

Well it has been a crazy week as far as weather goes. And yes, I do know that by writing this post and I am fulfilling the English stereotype of talking about the weather.

I don’t think I really knew too much about bad weather until I lived in Devon. This week we have had storms and floods and 10m waves crashing against the shore.
The train line has fallen into the sea, our road became a lake (ducks started making a home on it), my room became a pool as water surged in from the roof and our little courtyard filled up once more as the rain and hail poured down in sheets. 
So now we are cut off from the rest of the country, I have been told it will take me AT LEAST 7 hours to get home and we have another week of this forecast ahead. At least it won’t be as bad as the 9 hour journey W and I had to undertake from our respective Oxford/London to Plym on Monday/Tuesday – I left home at 4pm and we didn’t get in until 1am, luckily we occupied each other with funny stories and silly games of marry, kiss, ditch. 
It’s been a little crazy – I hope everyone has been staying safe and dry wherever you are! 

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