The Annual Neighbourly Camp Out!

[Disclaimer: this is a post I wrote in August and forgot to publish. Thought I might as well now]

Every year for the past few, all our neighbours have spent one weekend each summer camping together, we cook over a fire, find big hills for sunset watching (then subsequently miss the sunset usually), toast marshmallows, go for long walks, climb and swing through the trees on makeshift rope swings, stargaze, giggle, and chat long into the night, singing and strumming by the fire before we all get as warm as we can in sleeping bags and begin again the next day.

It is wonderful. It’s so nice to escape the city sometimes, breathe fresh air, forget any worries and log off the internet.

This year, we headed to Hampshire for the weekend and set up camp in the woods (but not too far from the loos!) – it was gorgeous and felt like we could be in the middle of nowhere far far away from the city.

Here are some photographs from our trip:

Things that happened this year: the synchronised wake up, the tooth brush dance, the ‘Fresh b-m’ joke, guitar strumming into the night, the time when we got seen frolicking by the owner and he eventually joined in which had us in hysterics, singing the sound of music, going for long walks, a visit to the town to pick up ice lollies and to find the house we always dance in front of, getting the rope swing stuck over the tree, having our camp invaded by random strangers one morning as they got lost when walking the dog, lots of lovely conversation and singalongs and funny games. I have so much love for this crazy bunch of people and am very happy that they always let me gatecrash their camping trips 🙂

Are you a fan of camping? Any funny stories to share?

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