A few things I would like to remember.

**Found this post sitting in my drafts and thought I would post it anyway even though it is now out of date.**

Walking into the bathroom one morning this week and finding one of our little cats curled up in the shower – isn’t she just the cutest thing? 

Sunny summer evenings cycling to the pub on the hill, seeing the countryside laid out before you. I love being able to sit outside and chat while the sun goes down, in a place where there is yummy food to be eaten and drinks to be drunk.

Making the most of the location of my work, it is coming u to my last day (far too quickly I might add) and I realise that I may never work in such a well placed office ever – it is close to some many of London’s biggest sights as well as many places I love such as Covent Garden, Green Park, The Royal Academy of Art, Tottenham Court road, Trafalgar Square so after work evenings have been spent meeting friends for Wahaca dinners, swimming in the secret outdoor pool down the road (who knew that there was an outdoor pool in Covent Garden), walking the long way back to the station so I can stop in the massive Waterstones in Piccadilly or the other huge one on Gower Street, and strolling down to the Southbank to watch the waves lap up against the shores of the city beach while taking in the buskers and the magic that is Friday night on the Southbank. As much I am ready to leave work, I will miss these evenings, where I get to see snapshots of the city and feel this great joy for this place as well as a bittersweet sadness that soon I will call another city home.

Swimming in the North Sea – it’s a summer tradition and despite the water being chilled and green rather than a sparkling blue, it’s still one of my favourite things, I love looking out and wondering what could be out there, who could be swimming in the opposite shore wondering the same thing.

Until next time.

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