A week in my happy place: Suffolk.

For as long as I can remember, Suffolk has stuck out in my mind as a place that is happy, from childhood, where we would make the drive on weekends to my grandparent’s house, the landscape changing through the car window from cityscape to rolling fields, from cars to cows, and it felt like entering a whole new world as a kid.

I still get the same excitement as we drive down the motorway towards the sea, for long days on the beach, the perfect homemade ice cream, the crunch of the pebbles beneath my feet, early morning walks, the sound of the waves rolling against the shore, bike rides through the woods, reuniting with our family and seeing old friends. 
This year, we got to spend a week in a small fishing town on the North Sea called Aldeburgh (where we also stayed last year and love!), despite being little, it oozes charm, has some lovely shops, friendly pubs and the Sea! 
I was lucky enough to get to invite along a friend so we spent our days rowing on the meare, going on sunset bike rides, swimming out to sea, trying out all the pubs, and meeting up with lots of friends and family and very cute little cousins (A, you really perfected your ‘greeting of relatives that aren’t related to you!), it was so much fun, from the sunset walks, to the card tournaments, kayaking in the evening looking out to sea and talking late into the night with wonderful people, it was so relaxing yet we did so much. It was happy and I’m so thankful for it. 

Love Eleanor.

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