Life Lately.

Life lately has been a mixture of busy and slow. Some days, I don’t stop until I get to bed and other days, I read my book and laze about wilting in the sweltering heat and not quite knowing what to do with myself.

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The past month or so has been filled with exciting things, beautiful sunsets, evenings at the park taking silly jumping photos, blue cloudy skies, long overdue lunches with family, work days in pretty office blocks, poolside afternoons with my ‘sistuh’, picnics with mini union jack flags, sleeping cats, pretty flowers, gorgeous sunsets, spontaneous gigs (Hudson Taylor), sunset bike rides, a phone switch-over, walking the streets of London to find ivy covered houses, cats trying to find cold places to sleep (like the garage floor), a trip to Bristol for my sister’s graduation, a rooftop pool swim, exploring Bath for the afternoon, finding a strawberry one-sie for my strawberry obsessed friend, trying out Wahaca for the first time (and loving it), cloudy sunday at the golf driving range with the neighbours and city beach sunsets.

But it has also been filled with anxiety of what is to come, of the new stage of life I will start in September – another new city filled with people I don’t know. I am excited though, about the prospect of doing a degree I love and hopefully trying new things and making new friends. We shall see!

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