One Day in Brighton!

Last Friday, while my good friend Carla was over from Italy visiting me, we took a little day trip to Brighton as the weather was sunny and a beach day was in order!

We got the train from London Bridge, which meant starting our morning with a close-up view of the shard and a quick drink in the station. We caught a 10 o’clock train which got us there in under an hour passing through the beautiful sussex countryside on the way. We snacked on blueberries and grapes while reading an brilliant book on film  that I got for my birthday. If you have an interest in film or are studying it (like I will be soon) then I highly recommend – big thanks go to my friend Lici for gifting it to me!

Anyway, back to Brighton. Once we arrived, we moseyed on down the road to reach the beach, that first glimpse of the sea is always exciting when you haven’t been in a while, don’t you think? The sun was shining and we were excited at the prospect of a hot English beach day (which is so rare!) We headed straight for the seashore and then found a spot and sat for a while, skimming stones, chatting and pondering whether or not to go for a swim while watching the paddle-boarders and looking out at the intriguingly decrepit West Pier (it has been subject to collapse and fire for many years and now stands as a ruin that evokes a lot of mystery – I like it, I feel it gives quite a bit of character to the horizon.)

After staying on the beach for a while, we decided it was late enough for lunch, so I popped to the nearest fish and chip shop (which happened to be on the beach) and picked some up.
My friend had never tried this quintessentially English delicacy (since she is from Ecuador) so we both decided it was time. It’s always most delicious when you eat it with this view:

After we went to the pier to delight in how ‘deliciously tacky’ it is. We even rode down the Helter Skelter (which really is just a glorified slide but good fun all the same) and C took on a mechanical bull which was pretty hilarious to watch.

Not a fan of rides.
The view from the Helter Skelter, it’s funny how the sea looks so blue.
During the middle of the day, it was pretty foggy and this is the view back to shore from the pier. Once we came off the pier, we headed to find 99s and found them in a tucked away shop to the side of the pier, we ate them while watching the waves and I got hit in the back with a volleyball by a gaggle of foreign students, which caused us to start quoting the ‘I’ve been shot’ fat amy moments from ‘Pitch Perfect’ (If you haven’t seen that film, it is a must.)
Then we explored the city, stopping to look in lots of random shops, finding the card below which sums up my crazy family quite well:

We found the Royal Pavillion which I love, I actually studied it in my Art History Class in Sixth form, so it is always cool to try and remember all the details about its history! Though, somehow, I still haven’t managed to get inside yet, I always get there when it is closed or almost closed. But I think you will agree that the outside is pretty unique for something completed in 1823 for the Prince Regent at the time, I always love the way that it is right in the centre of the city juxtaposed with modern buildings and main roads, with buses rushing by every few minutes. It adds to the charm, I think.
We continued to explore the streets a little longer and stopped for some traditional tea before heading back down to the beach.
The light on the beach was beautiful and sparkling off the water, I just couldn’t resist going for a swim.

I look very sunburnt and not too impressed in the above picture. But actually, sea-swimming is my favourite, despite the cold. I love it. 

I am so happy that the summer weather is now upon us and it is finally warm enough for swimming in the sea! Here’s to more beach days in the future!
So here are my top things to do for one day in Brighton: 
-explore the lanes: there are so many cute interesting shops to be found, quaint tea shops and delicious places to eat (I recommend the sandwich shop on market street, ‘Fat Leo’ and the ‘giggling squid’ (its name alone should make you want to try it))
– A swim in the sea. It’s invigorating and refreshing. And cold, so don’t forget a warm towel for afterwards.
-A stroll down the pier (who knows what you might find)
-The Royal Pavillion (a fun place for a wander)
-The beach. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! 

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