Being a tourist in my own city + Some London hideaways you may not know about!

This week, one of my good friends from Italy came to visit for a few days and I loved showing her around London! Sometimes it is fun to see your city from a new perspective and follow the crowds, because London is awesome….We even managed to do some things I hadn’t done before, which was great to discover new places to go!

We started our first day with an impromptu stop at Abbey Road, where the Beatles took their famous ‘crossing the road’ picture, at this time of the year, it is full of foreign tourists all trying to recreate the picture and leave their mark on the wall where you can sign your name/write a message, as well as angry drivers who get annoyed at the traffic stopping every few seconds, we signed our names and I found my favourite little piece on the wall that I discovered last time we were there: ‘We all want to change the world.’ 
Later on in the afternoon, we met up with three of my friends for cupcakes at the Hummingbird Bakery, we headed to the one in Soho, since it was closest but there are a few branches in different parts of London. The cupcakes are delicious (and this is coming from a girl who is not the biggest cake fan!) – especially the yummy icing! I recommend the red velvet or the plain and simple vanilla. But they often have themes – on this particular day, they had bacon cupcakes – craziness! 

Then the serious sightseeing began! We went to Trafalgar square (I climbed a lion!), The Mall, (where all the union jacks are up – the colours are gorgeous!), Buckingham Palace, St James Park, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The Eye and finishing up on the Southbank.    

On her second day, we explored St Paul’s and the surrounding areas finding blue trees, the shard and we even climbed the monument (which is a brilliant for seeing the city up high and a steal at £3), afterwards we crossed the river via London Bridge and saw Southwark Cathedral, watched the stalls close at Borough market and explored a hidden side street full of eateries with a canopy of umbrellas.

It was so much fun having my friend to stay and discover a few new places to go! Tell me of any London recommendations!

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