A little adventure to the Cotswolds.

As mentioned in this post, on tuesday, we took a little day trip to the Cotswolds. I wanted to share a few more photos because it is such a picturesque place to be. And it somehow seems to fulfill all those English village stereotypes, but in the best way possible.

this is so true for our family….definitely not normal.
On one of the walks we went on, we found a footpath surrounded by fields and then came across this little river. Isn’t it beautiful?

Sheep. Always a sign you are out of the city!

Mum’s victory pose after finding our way through the maze. 

I haven’t ever really explored the Cotswolds so it was fun to just drive around to different villages finding interesting things to do in each place. 

We found this view through the trees by chance, as we were driving, we saw some ladies taking pictures through the hedge, so I got out to see what all the fuss was about. Worth it. 
Giggling away.

Have you ever been to the Cotswolds? Do you have a favourite place for day trips?

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