Video: May 2013

May 2013

Here is the 5th month of my document the year project which I also completed in 2012 and was so much fun that I decided to do it again. I also love video as a medium and am off to study film at university in September so it is a great way to keep creative and keep editing so I can improve. I also love looking back at old videos I have made (dating back to 2009) and seeing how people/my life have changed. I also feel like I can remember more things when watching a video rather than seeing a photo. Though I love a good photo too. 
Anyway, May was pretty hectic, and involved moving back across the continent from Northern Italy to London, England (where I’m from), so there were lots of goodbyes, the weather got better, so there were lots of bike rides, time with friends, and then back at home; catching up with family, seeing friends, going rock climbing a few times, a lot of cat footage and a few dance offs too.
Hope you like it, what do you prefer, photos, videos or both? 

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