Bristol in the summertime.

Bristol is the city my sister has called home for the past few years (with a quick break for a year in Germany)  and I really love it. It is so beautiful, full of interesting houses, quaint streets and an abundance of green spaces. I loved getting to catch up with my sister after two months apart (far too long for my liking!)

We started with a picnic in Brandon Hill Park, which had beautifully blossom filled trees and views
of the rest of the city. There was a very hyper dog running around and it was a great spot for
people watching. The sun was shining and the sky was blue (only a few clouds) – I can’t wait to have loads more picnics this summer, anyone else loving the weather lately? Let’s hope it sticks around!

Then, at my request we headed to one of my favourite shops in Bristol
which is the £2 book shop. I think we spent about half an hour browsing until we 
eventually made some choices…decisions, decisions.  
If you live in the area I highly recommend a visit, 
it does exactly what it says, 
every book is £2. It is located on Park Street right by 
Charlotte Street to the left.  

This is the cat whisperer is at it again. 
This collage pretty much sums up the afternoon, lots of giggles, jumping on the bed and
self timer photographs. We’re still kids at heart 🙂

After a quick stop at my sister’s house – after the tour and a few blueberries, we walked through the 
tree lined streets to her boyfriend’s house who kindly made us tea and let us beat him at rummy. 

And then it was time for me to catch a bus, get off at the wrong stop, catch another bus, and jump on a
train to Cardiff for a few days (but more on that later) 
Check out my sister’s blog – it’s beautifully written and has lovely photos, what 
more could you want out of a blog? 
Did you do anything fun with your weekend? 

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