Visiting Venezia!

Venice was special. It’s somewhere I have always wanted to visit, the stories of winding canals had me drawn in when I was a little girl, that teamed with the little Venetian china mask (brought back from when my parents went to visit) that has hung on my wall for years and years have made this place the top of my list of Italian cities to visit. It was magical and beautiful but so busy, but I’m so glad I got the opportunity to visit!

these two little girls were so awe of the grandeur of the canal , it summed up the way I felt. 

Starting chatting to this man in Italian and (I think) he told me his paintings were worth it and
‘imagine this in your home’ – it made me laugh. 
Unique way of showing your love for the city.

Gondola pile – up!

The trio!

We decided to get the water taxi back to the station and at one point our boat
got used as a go-between for all the other boats. We ended up sneakily swapping boats. 

Any thoughts on Venice? 

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