Life Lately….

Across from L – R: ITALY: travelling across Italy with multiple suitcases and a guitar on my back,
a last afternoon with my friends in Cremona,
 ENGLAND: tea, reunited with my cats, beautiful spring sunset,
a cool design on the outside of the tube, Grandma and Grandad,
Richmond park with Danielle, delicious homemade salad,
spring blossoms at the park, Me at the top of a high ropes course for guides,
 tea on a early morning volunteering mission in the Chilterns.

The last two weeks have been strange as I made the decision to move back home to London from Italy. It had been a long time coming and the bad (my job) had begun to overrule the good (my friends, travel etc.), which was a shame, since the good was so awesome! I don’t regret the decision, but I do wish there had been another way to stay a little bit longer.

Adapting has been strange, and it has taken me a little while to feel normal again. But I’m happy to be back, seeing friends and family, stroking cats, and making videos. Plus, I have the added bonus of knowing that I have a place at university to start in September doing the course that I want to! Life is Good and I’m excited for my friends to be home for the summer soon!

Listening to: Clouds by Zach Sobiech
Such an inspring and heartbreaking story but take the time to watch, it will make you think. – the song – the documentary

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