Exploring Padova.

Padova was perfect with its green grass, sunshine and buskers. We spent the afternoon wandering the streets, eating gelato and relaxing in the main square ‘prato della valle’ – there was such an atmosphere about the place, it is a university town so there was so much going on compared to where we live. We ate dinner overlooking a beautiful piazza that housed the main court (which looked more like a theatre or church – it was so detailed) and ate pizza, batting our eyelashes at a cute waiter and drinking espressos – after all, the night was still young! Later on, we met up with an Italian guy who is a friend of my friend and he took us to an outdoor rock concert which was awesome, there were hundreds of people just dancing in the square and we couldn’t resist joining it. I would love to go back and explore a bit more, it was just so beautiful. I also loved how there were trams. Don’t trams just make everything better? While we were waiting to get one back to our B & B, we saw a full moon light up the sky, it was absolutely stunning.

so green!
the main square: prato della valle – a park surrounded by a moat!
no trip is complete without the obligatory shoe photo, mine are the red ones, don’t red shoes make everything  brighter?
they just make me smile when I look down at my feet 🙂 its the simple things, right?
in my element, with camera in hand.
a great group of buskers and the cute little kiddies who were watching (and so well behaved compared to my little italian kids)
dinnertime laughter.
the amazing full moon. 
the trio! chilling at the concert!
have you visited any fun places recently? 

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