A few things I’d like to remember….

-the first week since October of hot sunny 27 degree weather – it called for many afternoons at the park, playing football, climbing trees and eating yummy gelato. I also really like Erica who is a Swedish mother and speaks perfect English, she’s so awesome and always up for giving advice and having a chat. We had a game of football ourselves when the kids got bored of it.
-random dancing on C’s balcony to cheer up M as she walked towards the house, I think she was confused, but it made her smile all the same which was our aim.
-the song ‘We no speak Americano’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgFE5OQbt_g and the accompanying dance. It’s our jam!
-Going on Sunset walks to the river and finding cats to befriend on the way home!

-talking in Italian, to friendly people in cafes, sweet shops (resulting in free biscuits – woo) and at the antiques   market where we spoke to a kind man in a tartan hat for a good ten minutes, I was so excited that I could even understand what he was saying, let alone respond.
– Sweet Colombian Elsa in my language class, who always is so kind and helpful to me, I love our multi-lingual chatter throughout class. (She speaks Spanish and German fluently along with occasional words in English + we are in an Italian Class together and try to speak that as much as possible for practice.)
-A house party that involved, M, me and 5 italian guys singing ‘I will survive’ by Gloria Gaynor which was made so much funnier by all the different accents.

-The book market – it’s back and I could browse for hours, even though most of the titles are in Italian.
-Cycling through the deserted streets (after spending the evening at friend’s houses) in pajamas. Why not?

-The signs of spring: daffodils on the terrace, red leaves on the trees and cherry blossoms in the park. And also the added bonus of wearing ballet flats again without freezing my feet off. 
-Bike rides, it’s so nice to be able to cycle everywhere.
-A lovely lunch at my friend Laura’s new apartment, it’s close and so cute, with a little balcony overlooking a park. I can’t wait to spend summer evenings sipping drinks over there watching the world go by.
-Spontaneous dancing with friends – while we are making dinner, whenever we hear the cha cha slide, in the supermarket, on the street, you get the picture.
-Harry potter movie nights which end up with us flicking through the channels of Italian tv getting very confused and collapsing into giggles.
-Jam sessions: the local open mic night in the community club, all the music students get together for improvisations. The highlights last time included Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ and lots of chatter with new friends as well as the only non – alcoholic drink available being pear juice – I wouldn’t recommend.
-Sunsets. They have been pretty spectacular lately.
-Wearing red shoes, for some reason, it just makes my day so much brighter and makes me smile, it’s the small things right?
-Sunday Brunches – omelettes complete with fresh orange juice, bananas and strawberries from the market.
-Eating my new favourite combination of boiled eggs with peppers, salad and balsamic vinegar, it sounds gross but my friends agree, that it’s a winning combination.
-Singing everything that comes into our minds – life is a musical by the way.
-The movie ‘Pitch Perfect’ and the songs that accompany it! So good! We (the trio – M, C and I) find ourselves having ‘riff offs’ at the most random moments!  
-Finding a Lego exhibition in the centre of town, it was pretty cool. 
-Finding out that there was going to be a water polo flash mob in the main square, which just sounded so random/awesome that we decided to go, and then when it was a real anti-climax, (meaning that all the water polo team did was walk around in circles while a violinist played), so my friend D and I decided to stage our own flash mob which included lots of jumping, a kartwheel or two and a bit of irish dancing!
-The buskers: especially the guy who told us all about the Beatles and then let me sing with him while busking, we sang ‘Let it be’ and ‘If Paradise is half as nice’ -which was a little improvised – he was singing the Italian and I was singing the English, but it was fun all the same, though I’m sure I was singing completely off key from the excitement of it all! 
-Singing ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ to the little one and having him join in! So cute. 
-Reading books for hours when the days (like today) are rainy and cold, snuggled up under blankets with all the fairy lights on.
It’s been a fun few weeks 🙂 This was a really long post. 

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