Making me happy this week….

Things that made me happy this week:

1.My sister staying with me at the beginning of the week (see this blogpost)

2.Having a final coffee with B at the cafe that has become our local.

3. the sun coming out and the presence of blue skies!!

4. the song ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by The ELO

5. Tea afternoons with Laura in our favourite cosy little cafe in town.

6. the Fairy Lights adorning my apartment

7. L (the younger boy I look after) dancing round the kitchen and

8. Planning day trips and cycle rides for when Danielle comes to visit! (10 DAYS!!)

9. Pizza Night at the best place in town.

10. Going on a sunday afternoon 10 mile bike ride to the river with the host family as the sun shone, seeing the alps in the distance as well as all the towers of the city and even finding some little cats nestled in the mounds of hay.

11. Completing the mother duck mission for my dear friend Lici (She set me the challenge of taking a photograph of me and the kids in a mother duck like procession on bicycles!)

12. watching MammaMia again, how I love that film and the brilliant songs, May or may not have sung along at the top of my lungs/watched all the special features….
Love EllieĀ 

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