Making me smile this week…..

1. Coffee mornings in our ‘local’ where all the Italians sit around and drink their coffee watching the world go by. We have our own little corner where we drink our cappuccinos and plan day trips to far away places and anything else on our minds.

2. Sitting outside eating Gelato when it’s -6 degrees outside. Logic right there.

3. Meeting up with my new Italian friend and going to the cutest little cafe that has 40 different kinds of tea and serves them in little tea pots and it has sofas -the first coffee shop I have found in Italy that has sofas! Cherry Blueberry Tea is my new favourite thing.

4. Also realising how much my new friend and I have in common, she is so lovely and we chatted for hours while sipping our tea. It was lovely.

5. The fact that I am going to VENICE this weekend. Only for the day but still, so exciting. I secretly hope it snows and we can’t get a train back home, then we could stay for longer, I want to eat Gelato and watch the lights sparkle on the water.

6. Koala bear hugs from a certain five year old.

7. Blue skies + Sun in January . I never fell over when I looked out my window.

8. playing football at the park with the boys in the rain. It was funny.

9. Planning adventures with Mama and Lula when they come to visit next week. So excited!

10. The fire that is always on in my host family’s kitchen. so much warmth.

What has made you happy this week?

Ellie xx

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