Things I’m thankful for, this week.

This week, I’m thankful for:

-The fact that I’m flying home tomorrow! To be reunited, with my family, cats, friends and english food/chocolate (hehe).
-A helpful and caring host mother, who is lovely and looked after me when I was feeling my worst and just wanted to be at home with my real mother.
-My mother who listened to me at all hours when I just needed someone to talk to (being ill in a foreign place is lonely 😦 ….)
-Sweet Italians.
-A friend who I can call up for coffee dates and riverside walks
-The Sparkly Christmas lights.
-The Christmas Tree and homemade decorations.
-The snow, sticking around for over a week!
-TEA (English Breakfast of course)
-Books (kept me interested this week while in bed!) – especially Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard.
-The Prospect of seeing friends, and being in London
-Christmas is COMING!
-Festive Music (being played on repeat!)

Ellie x

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