Blogs I love to read.


Decided I want to start blogging again! Especially since I want to remember lots of little details of this year – I’m living in Italy as an Au pair and desperately trying to learn the language.

Blogs I have been loving lately: – My sister! Of course, has to be top of the list! She writes so beautifully and her photographs are so gorgeous! If you go back in the archives, you will find all her posts from living in Germany last year! Check it out! – for appreciating all the little things in life, her cute puppy. little letters + all her food posts which make me want to try new recipes and cook more. – The blog of my Ahh-mazingly talented sistuh/friend across the pond, who is the most wonderful artist and photographer! Can’t wait to reunite one day soon! – I have read her blog for years, love her creative photographs and honest musings! also, love her travel films and tips, especially those about Europe – very relevant these days! – A lovely blog. But not updated very much any more! – Just love her photographs and anecdotes about her life (and very cute kids) also the way she documented her recent trip to Italy just as I moved there! (perfect timing)  -I love her YouTube videos, she has such a fun personality and her little baby is so sweet! Her blog is wonderful too, especially love all the festive posts at the moment! Louise is awesome! – I highly enjoy this blog, she has recently moved abroad (like me!) and it is nice to read about someone going through the same things as I am, as well as her very useful Paris travel tips and musings about life. – I love lifestyle blogs, and this one is of a beautiful family living near Boston (i think), and they have a new baby. I like seeing what life is like on the other side of the pond and their baby is beyond cute! She also makes lots of crafts which inspire me to be more creative! – has lots of christmassy posts at the moment! Makes me feel festive and excited to get back to my family! – her conversations posts are hilarious and just love her outlook and comments on things! Also she’s a cat lover!

I read a few others too, but I could sit here all night and write about how I love each one but alas, there is packing to be done, videos to be edited and tea to be drunk! I’m not particulary good at this blgging thing but will hopefully get better with time!

Ellie x

3 thoughts on “Blogs I love to read.

  1. There's 3 of my alltime favourite blogs here- Rosie, Charlotte and Rockstar Diaries I read religiously! Going to have a look at the others now xx


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