Last first day of school.

or at least I hope 🙂
so today we became the top end of the school, weird as it seems.

the day was strange in more ways than one. Our new headteacher put into words what I had been feeling these past few weeks, I was reunited with some of the people I love the most and we got to chat and catch up. It all felt very loud and rushed but when I reunite with my friends – it feels like we’ve never been away. Also realised that one friendship is over but it is slightly refreshing to think I won’t have to deal with all the negative energy anymore. No hard feelings. The changes in the school were definitely noticeable, staircases had been removed, corridors re-done and new gates which are weird. The year 7s get taller every year but their backpacks still seem to over power them. My best friend and I managed to locate very comfy chairs so sat there chatting before we realised we had to run upstairs where we found a huge spider. I swear they follow me everywhere. We chatted about life and family and school and uni and rocks (geology rocks) – I seriously love her so much as a friend, I know I can tell her anything and she won’t care if I’m weird and she’s awesome. Had geography which was great but felt slightly more empty due to some people dropping the subject. Also in our form room, we now have a creepy doll as mascot, not sure whether or not this is an improvement on last year’s skeleton who was named Delilah. Both were equally creepy. Being the eldest in the school is odd, I must say.
Coming home from School, I got to chat with Kayleigh about her first day of secondary school and then we saw our other neighbours which was fun.
So that’s all for now, I think I’m getting to like this blogging thing!

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